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Setting the magnetic force equal to the centripetal force results in the following: $$ qv B = \frac$$ (3) When electrons are accelerated by a potential difference, V, then by conservation of energy $$\fracmv^ = q V$$ (4) Solving for velocity, v, gives $$v = \sqrt$$ (5) which may be inserted into eq.

(3) to yield $$ q B = \frac$$ (6) Solving for the mass, m, results in $$ m = \frac$$ (7) Thus, by measuring the accelerating potential, V, the radius of curvature, r, and the B field, we can effectively weigh a particle (if we know its charge).

There's no way to get around that unless you use magnets to help it.

The force on a current-carrying wire segment in a magnetic field is given by, $$F = NBIl \sin(\theta)$$ (1) where B is the magnetic field (in units of Tesla), I is the current, ℓ is the length of the wire, and θ is the angle between the current and the direction of the magnetic field.

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Exact Era: 1992 to present Comments: This HO scale, ready-to-run model represents one of the 60 heavy-duty specialized coil steel cars built by Thrall Car Co. Its “Protector” name stands for “PROtected TEmperature Coil Transport On Rail.” The prototypes for the Exact Rail model have an insulated aluminum hood that prevents condensation to keep the steel or aluminum coil loads dry.

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