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After 'Save Rock And Roll', a new EP (Pax AM Days) came out which you put out as a free download - can you tell us a little bit about that?

Yeah, so Ryan Adams the alt-country singer and producer and great artist all around called us up to suggest that we just get into a room and just thrash around and make some punk music for like a day or so, and so we did.

Also, I know that a lot of people like to edit photos and post them, and by tagging the better quality ones I thought it would be easier to find ones that would be good for editing.

If you have are looking for something specific and you cannot find it in the tags or by the date, go ahead and drop me a message in my ask and if there’s any way I can help you, I will. I started tagging pictures as hq because I was getting either actual hq resolution photos (5000 pixels or larger) or “large” versions of pictures I’d already posted smaller versions of; it was an easy way to let people know that even if they were seeing the same content, the quality of the pictures was much better. I have written one specific rec list, which is terribly outdated.

Fall Out Boy formed over a decade ago now, how much change has the band been through? Oh, a lot, I mean - we actually had time somewhere in there to take three years off, three or four years off (laughs) - so that's probably the biggest thing.

We started in basements and touring in a band around midwest for probably the first two or three years, playing just punk-rock shows and stuff like that, all the way up to you know, playing in arenas and things like that - all of it. (laughs) You mentioned your time off - how difficult was it to keep it all under wraps that you were working on new material?

Stump raises a good point in regards to Nickelback, noting that “the misogynistic subtext of James Bond movies offend more of my sensibilities than anything Nickelback ever did.” Stump has certainly been on the receiving end of this phenomenon, particularly toward the end of Fall Out Boy’s initial popularity and the accompanying re-emergence of “emo” in the mainstream.

You've worked with other artists on this record including Courtney Love and Elton John - how was that experience? Courtney's out of control and wonderful, and Elton John is a legend you know, and just one of the sweetest guys, so it was really, it was really great.

Are there any other names you'd like to collaborate with in the future? We'll wait and see as we wait music if something really feels like, really says to us that it needs this person or that person.

If you’re looking for that fellow, you can find him here. I don’t really have a strict guideline I employ when doing tags so you’ll have to wade through them.

I may tag something as large rather than hq either because it’s large but not huge or because it is huge but the quality of the photo itself lacks something to be desired.


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