Who is chelsea handler dating now

However, after a couple of relationships in the past, while making her appearance on the Ellen De Generes on earlier 2016, Chelsea revealed that she is now all set to get married.Talking about relationship during the interview, she mentioned, “Now that I got past the point where everyone wants you to get married when you’re 20 and 30 and every guy you date they’re like, are you gonna marry him?It can be jewelry, male jewelry I don’t find…I don’t like that.Any sort of weird shoe situation, you know when men try a little bit too hard, or cologne for instance, I can’t handle cologne.When we say that you might be thinking that the comedians surely have the longest list of dating affairs, but does Chelsea Handler falls in the category with the extensive lists of boyfriends?The funny woman Chelsea does have a lot of topics to talk about to make her audience laugh, but more recently, she has one the subject of which she is transparent like never before.

While Chelsea said she's loving her new job and learning alot, she also discussed an episode dedicated to Tinder, which she admitted to having a profile on.

We are talking about the personal life of the comedienne, as she spills out about being ready for getting married.

Well, let's discuss more on that, and find out if she has already found her perfect man.

"You have to really be involved if you want progress and results. "Yeah [people believe it’s me] I mean there are people that are well known on those sights.

Yeah, of course [I use my picture] I’m not pretending, I mean whose picture am I gonna use, his [Al Roker]?


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