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The mothers are logging on to the Mumsnet website – usually reserved for chats about parenting and potty training – and swapping tips on stripping off in front of the camera.Several threads on the site – popular with middle-class mums – have attracted hundreds of replies, many from women asking for advice on how to get into webcam work because they’re skint or just want to earn extra cash.“To be quite honest I wouldn’t have a problem with the nudity either.” Another said: “£50 for two hours. ”One mum even claimed it would be a good way to buy a flash new car, adding: “My sister did it for five months because she only had £14,000 and needed £17,500 for the Audi A1 she wanted.”One woman advised: “Wear a wig and lots of make-up and if you do end up on You Tube and anyone recognises you then just swear blind it isn’t you.” However some women didn’t agree and claimed it was double standards.One slammed: “I never cease to be amazed by the double standards on this site.“If a man buys sexual services from a woman this site wants him shot at dawn. Unbelievable.” It’s not the first time Mumsnet, which receives 300,000 hits a day, has been hijacked by randy mothers discussing their sex lives.Westley is a member of the Super-Size Big Beautiful Women modeling community and frequently hosts naked webcam sessions under her stage name, “Ultimate Pear.“ She was discovered online three years ago and has been showcasing her unique figure ever since.In one, a woman asks: “I have seriously been considering taking up online webcam work to earn extra money to buy the equipment I need. You can block certain countries from seeing you, so nobody I know would have to find out!

“When she turned her phone on, she was relieved a bit because she was thinking things way worse than that,” Sunderland told the Daily News in her first interview since her summons last week.

She said her mom told her, “This is just something you can learn a lesson from and move on.” But for Sunderland, her ticket wasn’t just a lesson — it was the big break she needed Sunderland told the Daily News she’s dreamed of posing for Playboy since she was a girl and wants to become a professional model.

The X-rated show in Oregon State’s Valley Library was just one of many performances for My Free Cams, a live webcam sex site with tens of thousands of models, that was recorded by a viewer.

”And she went on to question whether she and her partner using a “penis beaker” to wash his willy after having sex was “strange”.

Bobbi-Jo Westley, 43, of Pennsylvania, has eight-foot hips, weighs 490 pounds and a fan club of men who call themselves “chubby chasers” and can’t get enough of her voluptuous curves.


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