Mandating direct deposit in arizona

For the DOL’s Fact Sheet on Tipped Employees, please click here. Arizona first passed a minimum wage law in 2006 going above the federal standard. 206 was passed in 2016 raising Arizona’s minimum wage to per hour by 2020 and creating a mandatory Paid Sick Time (PST) law.

The current schedule for the Arizona minimum wage is: FOR FLAGSTAFF EMPLOYERS: In 2016 the City of Flagstaff passed Prop.

Employers should not rely solely upon this chart, but should familiarize themselves with the law of their state.

Most states have wage and hour laws other than those addressing payment of wages.

The DOL construes the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as precluding employers from pooling tips among occupations that do not customarily and regularly participate in tip pooling, including dishwashers, chefs or cooks.

A valid employer-operated tip-pooling arrangement cannot require servers to contribute a greater percentage of their tips than is customary and reasonable.

Important note: Since University HR will be closed Dec. 2, 2017, for winter break, paychecks will not be available for pick up until 8 a.m.

Companies must follow applicable federal and state laws and administrative guidance when transitioning to an electronic payroll process.

You may enroll to have your paycheck directly deposited to your financial institution through UAccess Employee (Note: Net ID is required to access Direct Deposit information in UAccess Employee).

With direct deposit, your paycheck funds will deposit directly into your account and be available to you when your financial institution opens for business on the payment date.

wages for time earned January 1-14 is not paid on January 14 but later) need to ensure all wages and overtime are paid in the time period. Public services corporations engaged in transportation with 50 or more employees must pay employees at least bi-weekly or semi-monthly for all work performed up to not less than 15 days before.

Employers must pay employees who are terminated within three working days of termination.


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