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While women in Tunisia have enjoyed certain freedoms and rights that are often denied to women in neighboring countries, the social norms have shifted since 2011.

Additionally, even though some aspects of society were relatively liberal, the regime still classified itself as an Islamic State.

Many of these articles highlight some of the secular freedoms instituted by Habib Bourguiba in 1956, such as access to higher education, the right to file for divorce, and certain job opportunities.

One student said: “I was the first to enter the room where the doctor was. ’ He said, ‘A test like a woman’- meaning a virginity test. It’s very hard for me.” Another student described how the abuses continued while in custody, alleging: “They started beating us, lined us up against the wall and shaved our heads… A prison guard took a baton and broke it on my hand because I wouldn’t dance. “When the guards were bored they would take us out with handcuffs and beat us.

“I said: ‘No, I will not do that test.’ The policeman screamed at me, ‘Respect the doctor! I felt like I was an animal, because I felt like I didn’t have any respect. A policeman kicked us one by one, saying, ‘These are your asses that you gave up.’ One of us, when he was being shaved was bleeding from the nose due to stress. “The prison guards would call us out and take us to an open area and ask us to walk or dance like women, and if we didn’t do it, we would be slapped. They even poked batons into our anuses, with our clothes on.” The results of these forced anal examinations were later presented in court as forensic evidence that “sodomy” had occurred.

Her children spoke publicly for the first time since her tragic death.

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