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Bridget tells her followers Nick wanted to get her something traditional but she wanted something unique.(Bear in mind, she calls herself the Queen of Halloween on Twitter.) The lovebirds met at the Playboy Mansion and started dating in [email protected] wanted to get me something traditional & I wanted something different & unique! Anyway, I was putting it back in the dirt because it wasn't mine..I turned around and he was on one knee pulling out the real ring.""I was surprised by the actual proposal," she added.It's a diamond paved spider (not a black widow) designed by @lynn_ban & it is absolutely perfect for me!! "I just wanted something different, something unique, something that reflected more of my personality, so [the ring] was perfect."And while the bling totally reflected her inner self, Marquardt assures everyone she's not obsessed with spiders. There's all these weird stories like, she has a love for spiders, it's a black widow.Post-proposal, Marquardt revealed the one-of-a-kind gem, reassuring fans that it isn't a black widow spider.Next to a close-up of the shimmering ring she wrote: "For those asking about my engagement ring... There was a fake spider ring in the dirt and I was like, ' That's so weird. ' Because we talked about this spider ring I really liked and now there's this fake one here. And her engagement ring might just be the most unique bauble we've ever seen.

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You want the relationship to be one step beyond that.” Appears she was talking from the experience she was having with Nick, who lends ear to her worries and shoulder during her grief as a friend while never fails to dazzle her with romantic gestures.Bridget Marquardt, , under direction of Nick Carpenter only.That acquaintance simultaneously led to the ignition of love in between these two and the relation between them deepened as time passed by. Did I mention @nicholascarpenter and I are engaged?Another one of Hugh Hefner‘s ex-girlfriends is heading down the aisle.Bridget Marquardt announced her engagement to Nick Carpenter on Thursday via Instagram — and the ring she showed off is anything but traditional. Did I mention @nicholascarpenter and I are engaged? Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend announced the news on Instagram, posting a photo of her spooky ring. " No word on whether the ring is the real deal or a joke, but "Girls Next Door" fans will recall that Bridget loves all things spooky and is the self-proclaimed "Queen of Halloween." The reality star has been dating Carpenter, a director, since 2008.


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