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When you weren’t messaging anyone, Gchat lived as text-based list of your contacts by name nested in the lower left corner of your inbox.

When you clicked on a name to message someone, you could send them text, and later initiate a video conference, but So for those of us who loved the old Gchat, the new Hangouts pane that replaces it is a fucking nightmare.

Who cares if those are empty accounts that don’t bring any value to the table right?!

One of the most effective strategies to gain followers is to catch people’s attention by liking and commenting on their pictures so they’ll come to your profile and possibly start following you (I’ve done that before).

Can someone explain this shit to me please because it's starting to really get to me. Break the customer down until you at least get three.

The dirtiest way to do this is of course to buy your way to the top.

Today there’s a million website where you can buy just about anything to make yourself look insta-famous!

It’s everything about instant message clients we were trying to get away from, except worse. Here’s a library of the ugliest ones you’ve ever seen, designed by Google’s resident Fentanyl addict.

Did you like how Gchat’s IM windows were small, and kept out of the way so you could concentrate on your email?


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