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ATTILIA FATTORI FRANCHINI Virtual gallerist I’m an internet girl,’ says 31-year-old Attilia Fattori Franchini.‘It has a lot to do with moving to London, not speaking English, not having friends and being home alone.’ Yet time spent online has been the making of the independent art curator.

The suite is in the basement and can be a little noisy with guests / staff / visitors walking above on the ground floor where the reception, restaurant / bar are situated.It ain’t cheap to get in but probably cost a few shekels to bring together in the first place in what is a major departure from seeing bronze arrowheads in glass cases, which is what my brother Mick and I were offered in museums in the old days.There’s a lot of zap-boom-bash in quick fire video excepts, a “rare” room with unexpected bits and pieces like footage of Charlie Watts riding a donkey to promote an early greatest hits package and even a mock-up of the old flat in Edith Grove Chelsea which Brian, Mick and Keith shared with a few others.From such humble beginnings to filling stadia around the globe, the Stones’ story is told in rags to riches fashion aided by photos by the likes of David Bailey, Andy Warhol and the unsung set designer Mark Fisher who built those mad creations for tours like Steel Wheels and Bridges To Babylon, where 30ft ladies exploded into the night lights when the band grunged out Honky Tonk Woman.It’s life Jim, but not as most people know it and therein lies the attraction – how come these guys have so much fun whilst we are stuck in desk jobs filling in projections for next year’s sales figures?It’s a dingy, messy squat such as many a student might be familiar with but probably worth a couple of million these days.


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