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Just like old fashioned model making, putting that darn fighter jet together...

The Electro-Voice 664 was designed as a public-address microphone in the 1950s.

I helped a friend out with his computer, nothing fancy, upgraded his OS and added more RAM. He shows up with this pitted, rusted busted Electrovoice 664 and says, "I figured you could do something with this..."Ok, I do a LOT of scrounging and scavenging. The microphone had battery corrosion issues and was destroyed.

I had this element from a Sennheiser e835 wireless microphone.

But it wasn’t long before I figured out that the real problem was operator error, not the system.

Fun stuff, you print it on a color photo printer, seal it with acrylic clear spray paint, cut it out and slide it onto the object after soaking the print in water.Because you never know when I have to build another Lightsaber or SOMETHING.Unscrew the top of the Sennheiser, and the element was sitting in a rubber isolation gasket. So the reason the original element was broken was mostly due to corrosion.This feat was achieved through an innovation that E-V named “Variable-D™.”US Patent 3115207, filed in January 1954 and granted in December 1963, is for “a unidirectional microphone having a substantially constant response for all frequencies within a predetermined range.” A second goal and benefit of the design covered by this patent is to reduce the proximity effect that is common to pressure-gradient transducers.These goals were met by introducing a sort of acoustic baffle in a tube mounted parallel to the body of the microphone.The mic is commonly used today in both amateur radio and studio applications; the mics can be purchased readily on Ebay for under 0.


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