Anne heche dating anyone

TV comedienne Ellen De Generes has blamed her break-up from girlfriend Anne Heche on being watched 'like we were the only lesbians on the planet'.

The American star, who dated actress Heche for three and a half years, said the couple split because she was 'the most famous lesbian in the world'.

The pair got together after meeting at a Vanity Fair Oscar party in 1997 but the relationship ended in August last year.

Ellen, who announced she was a lesbian in her self-titled TV comedy series, told Now magazine: 'If I weren't the most famous lesbian in the world, no one would notice.'But everyone was watching us like we were the only lesbians on the planet.

She was once famously involved in a love affair with Ellen De Generes.

The mother-of-two reportedly left her husband Coleman Laffoon in 2007 to hook up with the the handsome thespian, and they have been together ever since.The tides will ebb and flow as they perform their magnetic dance with the moon.And Anne Heche will still be nuttier than a fruitcake.1997 - 2000Ellen De Generes and Anne Heche carried on a public relationship from 1997 to 2000.It marked a rare moment and a sea change in Hollywood as the two were the most high-profile openly lesbian couple in entertainment at the time.It was 1997 and the Emmy Award-winning 28-year-old had four successive blockbusters filling cinema seats: Donnie Brasco opposite Al Pacino and Johnny Depp; Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones; I Know What You Did Last Summer; and – still her greatest critical triumph – Wag the Dog with Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman.


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