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I grew up in Mexico and studied in Australia, Spain and Germany.

Every few months I see an ad on the train for some article, generally in An-An, that sounds crazy enough to make me want to read it and work on my Japanese.

Throw in a new culture, language, and country and BAM. I think they’ve got great hair and eyes, and their culture is fascinating.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely attracted to Japanese guys!

Sometimes it’s because they can’t get off time together but more often than not it seems like they’d just rather go with their best friend than their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Of course why their bestfriend is not their boyfriend/girlfriend is another question I gave her a key and the next day she had cleaned my apartment and made me dinner.

All of the artwork in this post was created by Mizuka Inaba.

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I do not say too much at first but when I get to know someone my friends tell me I have a warm personality and I am good friend especially when times are difficult I will personally tell you that Im easygoing, patient and a dreamer, i spend my time working Indico my own projects such as films and designs for everything.

It’s not for lack of trying, however, and even though I’m single now, I’ve dated a few Japanese boys in the past with mixed, but certainly not unpleasant, results. He was a minnow in his company and had to work hard to climb the corporate ladder, meaning he started every work day at 8am and finishing at midnight. Saturday morning shifts and weekend business treks to Tokyo or Osaka were taken at least twice a month. No.2 had studied in Australia for around 4 years, and his English was good enough that we could even argue like a ‘normal’ couple.

The strange thing I learnt from that pairing was that cross-cultural relations are often literally crossed.

This article though is of course written for Japanese woman about Japanese men and so it supposedly represents the stereotype of J-Men and it’s interesting to notice the differences between that stereotype, myself and the supposed normal western guy. , my comments are in italic The article is split into several parts.

The first part is an interview with some famous male celebrities where it says some things like: I went on vacation to Italy by myself and my girlfriend secretly showed up (26yr old freelancer) note that it is VERY common for Japanese couples not to go on vacation together.


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